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A spade and fork on the Victorian dining table

Elkington forks-3

Novelty Victorian servers

The Victorians loved specialist utensils for eating particular foods and this led to a variety of servers or implements, such as these illustrated, which are based on the shape of gardening tools.  These could be used for a variety of purposes, depending on their shape and size, such as butter spades, salad or sardine servers etc. and were made in silver or electroplated silver, as here. Some examples had bone or ivory handles sometimes stained green. It makes an interesting area for collecting although they are hard to find.

Elkington forks-2

Electroplated forks with bone (upper) and ivory (lower) handles.

These spades and forks are all around 15cm long.  The equivalent in solid silver can cost several hundred pounds especially when they are a matching pair.  Electroplated ones are far more affordable and a little more common.